Month: January 2017

This business is amway

Don’t let him lie and tell you they are sister companies, amway distributors were all forced to become quixtar distributors at the beginning of 2003. amway still exists in name but only in foreign countries. The only difference bewteen amway and quixtar is that quixtar is now on the web.

He wants that list to use it to build your downline (and of course his downline). Here is a tip, if you make that list and decide not to do the business, he will use the list and call every person on it to try and talk them into doing the business (in his downline).

I spent the afternoon listening to a pitch from a Quixtar guy

While he sounded sincere etc etc, he would not answer my question (What exactly is the business you refer to – what does it entail, what do you see as my role in this?). I did hear from him that he wanted a list of all my friends etc … but he did not state clearly what the business entailed.

Before I go any further, I’m trying to research this on the internet and that’s how I found this group.

I’d like to hear from others on what exactly this Quixtar thing is all about … it sounded almost like a ‘cult’ to me by the end of the discussion this afternoon. My response was that I would think things over before giving any answers (either for or against).

Thanks for any feedback, advice, suggestions etc … I’m curious!