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I send my greetings to all who are marketing survivors

I have a family member who is seriously considering Quixtar.
He was introduced by his youth pastor, and has been going to meetings for the past 4 weeks.

1. My son has been told that Quixtar is not a get rich scheme.
2. Requires twice a week meetings — one with his immediate upline
and one with his upline’s upline.
3. Must wear business attire to the upline’s upline meetings.
4. Makes money by getting others to join “The Business.”

At this point, let me say that I am a MLM surivor including Mary Kay.

I have been exposed to others such as AL Williams, Amway, and others in my lifetime so the Quixtar rhetoric was nothing new. Quixtar has a “Point” system instead of cash. Points can be exchanged for cash. We have concluded that my son will earn about $1,044 US Dollars during his first year. He might reach a “Diamond” club level in 15 years if he dedicates his life to “The Business.”

Right now, the big push is for him to purchase his “ticket” to the big convention in Tennessee. I knew all about the energizing convention without his saying a word. One website offered a Dateline video on the web which we sat and watched together on the web.

My son kept saying that Quixtar has changed since that time.

I showed him other websites where they show how Quixtar makes its money off of other people by selling motivational tapes and books.

I am not angry with the people who sell these tapes and books. While in Mary Kay, I learned a lot, made good contacts, improved my appearance, and learned about business.

I now own my own business that I can’t get my son to take interest because I don’t show a “Diamond” level driving a cute car or a huge home.

My son has a promising future, but is about to give up going to college to chase his dream of being a “Diamond.” Well, he’s already a Diamond in my eyes and I feel that The Business is about to crush a beautiful jewel that it has taking me a lifetime to polish. Just as it is time to step out into the world, he does something silly like join an MLM.

This business is amway

Don’t let him lie and tell you they are sister companies, amway distributors were all forced to become quixtar distributors at the beginning of 2003. amway still exists in name but only in foreign countries. The only difference bewteen amway and quixtar is that quixtar is now on the web.

He wants that list to use it to build your downline (and of course his downline). Here is a tip, if you make that list and decide not to do the business, he will use the list and call every person on it to try and talk them into doing the business (in his downline).

Here’s my opinion, as a “resident IBO” on this board:

Quixtar has the potential to earn you some extra cash. For most people it amounts to “fun money” – a movie here, a CD there….. ironically, if you look around a bit, you’ll even find people who might want to be a retail customer of yours if you give them a break on the retail price.

The chances of you “finding your dream”, “retiring”, blah blah blah are VERY slim – go to Vegas or buy lottery tickets; they’re faster.

If you are part of a “motivational organization” or “system” – then you are indeed looking at a money pit unless you have the gumption to say NO when your expenses exceed what you wish to be your profits. There will be HUGE pressure put upon you to “spend now to build your future”. You will probably be shunned by your upline.

I ran the family distributorship for years – it’s literally “the top of the heap” – the oldest and largest distributorship in the world, outside of JA-RI (Rich and Jay’s). I was given the opportunity to buy it recently – and on terms that anyone on this board could have afforded; and I didn’t want it. No way – no how!

I’m pretty sure Quixtar is the largest MLM, but any of them that have these “training fees” “motivational tools” “functions” etc are going to chew through your wallet in the same manner. You can find all the motivation you can stand at your local library for free.

Best wishes!

Isn’t that the deal with Amway?

Yeah, the products are kind of alright, but they’re so expensive! Super premium prices for what are merely premium products.

So, something like phone service which might work as part of network marketing because you’re not transporting product, the price is just too high, especially for something that is basically just a comodity service.