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Quixtar rules of conduct

“Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules!” say $100 in sales to members/clients is sufficient to qualify for any PV bonuses. There you have it. Sell $100 and you’re a bonified business builder IBO. Problems with that? That $100 at ‘suggested retail’ price would equate to just 89Bv according to Quixtar IBO plan. At the top 25% performance bonus that’s about $23 in bonus for those sales outside the business opportunity. ( 12monthsx$23=$276 annual bonus( + ( 20%x$100x12months=$240 annual gross retail profit) = $516 Gross income to cover typical IBO overhead per year.

Yes, Virginia, the pyramid IS negative.

The System motivationals make the pyramid REALLY negative.

How so? Typical Diamond System overhead runs in the $100s of dollars a month + borrow money online for the IBOs on System motivational junk.

Why would Rich Devos believe a 20% of gross sales as an appropriate level of BSM consumption per IBO? Top pv bonus is just 25%, and shipping charges average 5-7% per order. Following Devos suggestions would leave 99% of IBOs with NO profit.

Dateline, Dateline, wherfore art thou, Dateline?