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By chance I personally know the Woodwards (through a cousin of hers)

Was never prospected by them and have had a few run ins with some of the people in his blog. Things I have noticed that really tick me off are that until almost the end they never mention Quixtar, IBO say their group can do things no other group can and many times lead you to belieive they are the ONLY members and their Diamonds are the only ones period.
Since the airing of the Bo Short exposee we have done so little with our own business we might as well not be in. I even packed up all our tapes and put them in the garage. Next step will be putting them to the side of the road for the trash man and hope he has enough sense not to take them home and listen to then.

I sit corrected

The IBO Annual Business Fee is $40.00. This fee includes business support fees, the Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI) support fee, and the Independent Business Owners Benefits Association (IBOBA) Insurance Fee.

The IBO may also elect at registration to purchase the Product Intro Pack for $55.00, and the Publication Pack for $20.00, for a total of $115.00 (excluding taxes and delivery).

These are US dollars. It should also be noted that this is what it costs to sign up on line. The price varies if you do it through a sponsor.

Remind your friend that they are supposed to “sponsor up”

and that sponsoring high school seniors who have no clue about business is going to doom them to failure, because they don’t need the products and they can’t afford them anyway. What I found is (thankfully) many of the youngest IBOs quit early, since they simply can’t afford the functions, the tapes, etc. And more teachers are politically liberal and won’t appreciate the extreme conservatism from the stage, and hopefully won’t get hooked so easily. Maybe talking to the friend from this perspective will help get him to leave the young people alone.

Also, if he is going on campus to do this, the principal, the superintendent, the school board, and even the local police may be interested in hearing about this. I’m quite sure that he cannot legally solicit on campus.

It would seem to me that once you start breaking directs underneath you

You actually start to LOSE income, since the percentage paid to you is less than when the business volume of those people was flowing through you. I remember posing that question to one of my upline once. I don’t remember the exact answer he gave me, but I know it didn’t make sense. Now that I understand the flow of tool money, it all makes sense. What does it matter if an Emerald or Diamond’s Quixtar bonus money drops, as long as they’re making a mint off the ol’ tool trade, right?

BTW, I wonder if Don Storms will continue to rake in the tool bucks now that Quixtar has all but given him the heave-ho..

00pv/250bv/$300 IBO cost (includes shipping/tax)

The 3% IBO gets a $7.50 check. How much did they invest into system tools and function tickets? Did they sign up downlines? How much did they group invest into system tools and function tickets that month? This 3% group shares just $7.50 in gross income that month.

The 250bv generates just $87.50 (250bvx35%) in gross income for the entire organization. This includes performance bonus, ruby bonuses, Leadership bonus, profit sharing, Emerald, Diamond, and EDC bonuses, and Q12. What % of IBOs are at the 15% bonus? The 6-4-2 IBO plan shows 98% of IBOs below 15% bonus, meaning 60% of available gross income goes to the 2% of IBOs at 15%+ bonus levels. The average system IBO at the major functions makes less than the income average claimed in the IBO plan ($115 for ‘active’ IBOs–66% ‘active’).

Many system IBOs have posted their average system expenses and these expenses are not much more or less than the $262.50 gross income generated by each 300pv in sales to the IBOs and their members/clients.

What is missing from these equations? Retail sales to end-consumers.

The IBOs on the systems generate most (80-95%+) of Quixtar sales thru self consumption of the PV, but are conditioned to focus their efforts on recruiting (registering) more IBOs and promoting the system to these new recruits, in addition to the concept of ‘buy from your own store’. IBOs below the 25% bonus are considered B2B (business to business) customers of their uplines’ IBOs; more importantly, these IBOs below 25% bonus are the end-users of the uplines’ system of tools and function tickets.

The IBOs are conditioned to buy tools and function tickets and find more IBOs to buy more tools and function tickets.

IBOs are taught to retail. Unfortunately, the IBOs are retailing the system tools and function tickets and participating in NONE of the profits fromm these sales. It’s called ‘legal fiction’.


I encourage every IBO to replace ‘tool’, ‘system’, and ‘function’ references on the tools and in the speeches to ‘soap’.

Focus on promoting and selling the ‘soap’, not the ‘hope’.

Enjoy paying your 1000% margin on tools and function tickets, suckers.