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By chance I personally know the Woodwards (through a cousin of hers)

Was never prospected by them and have had a few run ins with some of the people in his blog. Things I have noticed that really tick me off are that until almost the end they never mention Quixtar, IBO say their group can do things no other group can and many times lead you to belieive they are the ONLY members and their Diamonds are the only ones period.
Since the airing of the Bo Short exposee we have done so little with our own business we might as well not be in. I even packed up all our tapes and put them in the garage. Next step will be putting them to the side of the road for the trash man and hope he has enough sense not to take them home and listen to then.

Hello Summer,I was in Network 21 for 6 years

I am from Slovakia, but Network 21 has same training program in every country. I joined when I was 18. It was the time when Amway (in this part of world there is not Quixtar, Amway has internet business called Vebso here) was booming. Every month there were new achievers and people realy made money. Network 21 has many charismatic leaders so they are very dangerous. I saw about 15 big 3 day events (called Weekend seminar) and it was very impresive. Just to give you perspective on making money with network 21, I will tell you about our leader (he is one of the biggest achievers in Slovakia). He was in business for about 3 years and he made it to the Direct Distributor. He has 1000 distributors in his group, with turnover 16.000 USD. And he got about 2000 USD for months. He was getting this income for one year. So you can see these are very bad numbers. The Network 21 teaching is about building the network of consumers, not sellers. And this is reason why business of my leader did not survive it s first year. He is still in business, telling people this is the best business opportunity in the world. For 7 years he is getting only little amount of money. After first year as Direct Distributor, he needed to get job, and then he started classic business. And this happened to all leaders here. It is not true that MLM works every time, everywhere. This guy works for 10 years and he achieved nothing. Please stay away from N21 and from Quixtar. Just to give you pespective, amount of money I put in books, tapes and meetings is my one year salary at my job. Network 21 tells people they can achieve nothing without these “tools”. Now I have I right perspective of this “university of success” (their words). There is no valuable information there, only stories, telling people to buy another tape, another seminar and of course teliing how great the leaders are. Just two words – pure brainwashing. One more thing – our Executive Diamond from Hungary (he achieved Ex. Diamond before 6 years) still dont have his own house. Quixtar tells people that Executive Diamond make about 1.000.000 USD / year. What is he waiting for ? He told us before 8 years that, he will buy Dodge Viper. Yes, you gues right, he dont have it. Look at anti Amway/Quixtar pages – my 6 experience tells me, it is all true. Stay away from them, and try to find serious business.