There are plenty of people who quit in the first year. In fact, 2/3 do not renew each year! So there is hope. Before they get too brainwashed, give them alternate information. Real facts. Tell them a good business owner is skeptical and puts together a business plan, with profit and expense projections. Go to the photos section of this club. We have a copy of a page that was a tear out to show prospects. It showed average GROSS income for Q-12 and above. A Diamond earns about $135K gross. I’ve done that NET most years since 1993, as a pediatrician, though it’s a lot less after taxes. More important is the fine print that has been magnified for better viewing. It demonstrates that less than 0.2% make Q-12. Given that the average Platinum lost $918 per year after all those system expenses, in a study done by the Wisconsin State Attorney General in 1982 (and nothing has changed for the better!) they are almost certain to lose money.

Ruth’s book is a huge resource–she has a chapter devoted to her Diamond’s income and expense record, which demonstrates that a Diamond’s lifestyle comes from the tools business and not the Amway/Quixtar business. The big Diamonds lie when they show their planes and their private islands. Another resource that I like the best are the multiple lawsuits of the Diamonds suing Diamonds over the tools business. These suits have court documents where it is stated that the income is really from the tape, book, and seminar business, and that the Quixtar business is a front for the Diamond’s real business, which is selling as many tapes and seminar tickets as possible. The transcripts for these suits are easy to find at:

On that website is a list of Diamonds and Emeralds who quit the business, and who had to go back to work!!!