See, this is where the problem lies :)

My Grampa was only an Emerald – the REALLY big checks go to our downline. And we never got any of that “system” money because we weren’t in one. We were sort of the “bastard child” of Amway…. and I personally am just a distributor under my Grampa (but ran the warehouse) – my whopping big bonus checks barely cover the cost of renewal every year 🙂

Fortunately, my husband has a real, honest-to-goodness 8 to 5 job; and keeps a lovely roof over our heads 🙂 He would also remind me, when I was pounding my head on the desk over some crazy thing that Amway would do – that Amway is not much different than any other big corporation, since he experiences the same feelings with the huge corporation he’s with…..

Here’s “my” acronym: GINAD – glad I’m not a diamond 🙂