To all the folks considering an MLM:

Before joining an MLM, attend the motivational meetings and enjoy the experience. Make contacts and network. At the same time, attend inexpensive meetings at your local Small Business Administration and learn every thing you can about running a Business. Do those things first. Wait 3 months to take as many SBA classes as possible.

I would rather people try to operate a new business or franchise that they love and fail than to join an MLM and waste all that time
and money and fail.
Frankly, our chances for success are actually higher if we attend both meetings, the SBA for objective information and the MLM meetings for contacts, motivation, and encouragement.

In the end, it will be the MLM person who will need your encouragement and maybe you’ll be well enough along in your own business or high enough in someone else’s business to give the MLM person a job which they will need because they will likely be forced into workforce at some point when the MLM has sucked their savings dry. There is a true saying, it takes money to make money and keep making money.

For every successful business, someone somewhere coughed up some cash some where along the way that took them over a slump in their business– they just don’t tell you.

Quixtar is a little bit trickier, because my son has been led to believe that all he has to do is get other people to join and he will make money.

If he can get enough people to shell out about $200 US Dollars, he will be high enough in the chain to sit back and get point/cash so that he does not have to do hardly anything but live the rich life.

One ad in the Dateline video said that the man and his wife no longer had to get up anymore with an alarm clock. He does not say that his kids are grown and gone from home so he does not have to get his kids off to school. No kids = more spendable income. He also does not say in the ad that he can sleep late because he does meetings in the evening. He does not say that he invested his money into stocks and mutual funds. You get my point.

Thank you for allowing this long post and best regards to all.