You were obviously being pitched a business

The guy believes that his business could become your business and that you’ll both make a lot of money doing business. This business has certain rules and laws and guidelines and such and as with all business, you must be sure you know what you’re getting into before going into business.

Now, the reason I stressed that this is a business is to prepare you for what I’m about to say. It will sound strange and you’ll probably think it’s nuts, but it’s not. It’s a business. Always remember that.
This isn’t a friendship you’re starting, but a business relationship.

So, if I were in your shoes what I’d do is take a cassette recorder with you on your next meeting with this guy. Let him see it. Let him know that because this is a business you want to record your entire conversation. It’s perfectly legal. If he declines to continue because of the recorder, you’ll know you probably wouldn’t want to do this business with him in the first place. If he does agree to continue with the tape rolling, then ask him a lot of questions about the business.

Ask him about Bo Short. As him about Eric Scheibler. Ask him about the FTC’s 70% rule. Ask him how much money you will earn if you achieve Platinum, Emerald or Diamond. Ask lots of questions. Then ask some more. If something doesn’t sound right, ask why.

If, after your recorded conversation, you feel the business is for you, then go for it. Just remember to keep that tape safe.